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Skills Development Scotland

Finding a career or job that you want depends upon much more than simply being in the right place at the right time. Skills Development Scotland is here to help pupils access a range of advice, guidance and support that will help them make well informed and realistic decisions about jobs, training and educational opportunities.

Careers Advice: Dave and Karen are our- School Careers Advisers

If you want to make an appointment to see Dave or Karen please contact your Guidance Teacher, or alternatively complete a Contact Card from the school library and put it in the careers box. You will be notified about your appointment soon after, through the school bulletin and a letter sent home.

The Careers Centre at 12 Howegate Hawick is open on a Tue/Thu 9.30-12.30-1.30-5.00. Tel 01450 372724.

The careers staff can support your decision making by providing advice and guidance on the options available to you:

  • Employment
  • Training
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education
  • Modern Apprenticeships

Financial Careers
Financial Careers

Taking a Gap Year / Doing Voluntary Work

Through SDS website you’ll find a wide range of resources:
• Strengths tool- to identify what you are good at and how you can use this in future careers

• that can help you to decide what jobs and courses might be suitable for you

• that can help you research jobs and courses

• that can help you manage and develop your career going forward

By using our website you will discover more about your career ideas and the skills you need using our A – Z of jobs. You’ll also find useful information about career development, plus advice on self-employment and self assessment, part-time work, voluntary work and working abroad.

What Can You Offer: Non Academic Criteria

In these days when competition for jobs, places at college and university is fierce it is important that young people are aware of what colleges, universities and employers are looking for from prospective employees and students. The level of your qualifications will, of course, be an important factor but you will also need to have a very good understanding of what you can offer in terms of your skills, abilities and personal qualities.

Being able to write and speak about yourself in a positive, confident manner are key factors in convincing employers and admissions staff you will be the right person for the job or place at college/university.

Remember many people applying for jobs or places at College or University will be able to offer more than the minimum qualifications asked for .

The Key Question is:

What else do you have to offer apart from the right level of qualifications?

Employers and admissions staff will be looking for more than just good qualifications and references. The will be look for evidence of you having the core skills of:

• communication
• numeracy
• problem solving
• information technology
• working with others

In addition you should:

• be able to manage your time effectively
• be well motivated and enthusiastic
• have personal and learning skills that enable you to be an effective lifelong learner
• be able to offer the basic employability skills that employers look for from people entering their first job
• be willing to develop employment skills that are specific to a particular job

Planning Ahead
Planning ahead sounds great in theory but in practice many of us tend to put things off until the last minute … are you one of these people?

If so try answering the following questions

• What have I done so far to help me make decisions about my future?
• Have I made any decisions yet about my future?
• How do I go about making decisions?
• Where did I find information to help me make a decision?
• How aware am I of the options open to me?
• Who can support me and help me make decisions about my future?

If you are coming up with answers such as … no, not really, nothing, don’t know … you really do need to start giving serious thought to what you can do to help yourself plan ahead for Your Future.

Below are some useful websites that will help you do this.

Don’t have a clue:

• As a staring point try using the resources available on Skills Development Scotland website

Please contact your Guidance Teacher. You will be notified about your interview time and date as soon as it has been arranged.

Have some ideas but need to explore options available:

• See
• See for career and course information
• Read ‘Working in …..’ books in the library or on:
• Consider getting some relevant work experience or work shadowing.
• Start to research the post-school options outlined below using the available resources.

Post-school options and resources

Further Education
• Use for course information and a host of other very useful information
• Read college prospectuses in the careers library or visit college websites:
• Borders College
• Jewel and Esk Valley College
• Edinburgh’s Telford College
• Stevenson College
• Oatridge College

NB. Through the SDS website you can access the contact details for every college in Scotland.

Higher Education

• or for course choice.
• for course information.
• for information on student funding
• for student advice.
• To access various information on HE see
• Read “What do Graduates Do” or visit for course progression.
• Read university prospectuses in the careers library or visit university websites.
• Attend the Higher Education Convention in Kelso in September
• for dates on University Open days. DO VISIT UNIVERSITIES IF YOU CAN

NB. For students wanting to do Medicine they should make sure they look at this website

Employment/ Training
• Visit for advice on job search.
• Read “Careers Scotland” leaflets in careers library to get help with CVs, interviews, applications etc.
• Visit or use the Yellow Pages to identify employers to contact about recruitment.
• good site for identifying jobs anywhere in Britain
• Consider getting some relevant work experience or work shadowing.

Year Out
• Visit and
• Think about what you hope to gain from a year out. The key is to plan well ahead for a gap year. Don’t leave it until the last minute!!